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I spent a beautiful weekend in Chicago with Shaun and Anne and we did a Historic Skyscraper Tour.
The Berghoff Bar opened in 1898 and started as a "men only" saloon, but thankfully times have changed.
We weren't allowed inside of the LaSalle Bank. Maybe they think one of the tour groups will gang up and rob the place.
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The Fisher Building was built in 1896 and, at the time, was one of the tallest buildings in the world with 18 stories.
The Marquette Building's very ornate lobby was designed by Frank Lloyd Wright.
The Sears Tower doesn't look like the tallest building in the U.S. from down here, but from the top it does.
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The Harold Washington Library is the largest public library building in the world, holding 9 million books and 70 miles of shelving.
The Monadnock building is one of the tallest buildings constructed of solid brick. The walls at ground level had to be 6 ft. thick to carry the upper floors.
The Chicago Board of Trade - the place to go if you want to trade some wheat or corn. In California we call it a Farmer's Market ;)