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Stacey's 30th Birthday Luau l Rollerskating l Sonora
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We spent a relaxing weekend in Sonora, CA where Stacey's parents live. This is their puppy, Memphis.
You may all think "awww puppy giving kisses" but my expression is actually one of pain - puppies like to bite!
Puppies also like listening to Madonna apparently. Next thing you know Memphis will want a Kabbalah bracelet.
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Lucky for us the Sonora Fair was in town the same weekend. I LOVE carnival rides!
Ehren and I spin ourselves dizzy on the Tornado.
Hangin' out on the Cliff Hanger.
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We went wine tasting at some of the local wineries.
Here I am getting out my wallet... AGAIN. Wine tasting always leads to wine buying - how does that always happen?
We thought this was a cool way to display wine - stacked chimney flues.