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Stacey's 30th Birthday Luau l Rollerskating l Sonora
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Stacey rang in the big 3-0 with a birthday luau! Peter, Stacey and Ehren show off the homemade tiki bar.
Even Spencer got leid at the party.
The bartenders, who we can thank for people falling and hurting themselves by the end of the evening.
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Ehren and Kaitlyn in their matching Hawaiian attire.
Mmmm, nothing like saturating your corn in a can of 28 sticks of melted butter. Now you know that's healthy!
Look at all those innocent people loading up on corn (little do they know it's been drenched in butter and their arteries will pay the price).
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Kaitlyn brought her own grass skirt so she could be one of the Polynesian dancers.
The dancers put on quite a show.
For some reason the guys were quick to volunteer to learn the hula.
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The birthday girl gets her hula on.
The blow torch = an efficient way to light a lot of candles quickly.
Susan, Stacey and Angela all celebrated their birthdays this month.