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San Diego Sights l San Diego Zoo
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When visiting San Diego, one must go to the world-famous San Diego Zoo!
Flamingos obtain their pink coloring from eating carotene-rich foods. Note to self: don't eat too many carrots.
The Komodo Dragon - although cute, not a friendly reptile. Sharon Stone's ex-husband knows this first hand.
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When I was young my grandmother went to Australia and I told her to bring me back a koala bear. I wanted one of these cute, furry little guys as a pet.
Elephants have more muscles in their trunks than we do in our entire body. It must be easy to diet - too much work to lift food to your mouth.
Hungry Hungry Hippo.
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Ouch! Someone please take this log off my head please.
Unidentifiable species.
This chimp could definitely use an extreme makeover, starting with a breast lift.
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For someone that prefers the Arctic, I wonder what this Polar Bear thinks of the SoCal weather?
Giraffes are the tallest mammals in the world. They grow up to 18 feet tall, with 8-10 feet of that being their necks.
I actually ran over to get a photo of this guy in motion. Duh...like I didn't have time to capture the moment...it took him 15 minutes to walk 3 steps.