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Sangria Party l Mel's Wedding
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I originally wanted to have a SpongeBob SquarePants party, but Steve assured me "pin the square pants on SpongeBob" and kool-aid wouldn't draw much of a crowd.
Kim and Sofia and the rest of the girls gather to one end of the room...boys have cooties.
Masaki, Michelle and me.
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More party-goers. L-R: Karen, Masaki, Axl, Chris, Amit and Kim.
Scott loves his Sangria so much he's literally licking his glass clean. ;)
I don't think Elizabeth, Jennifer or Anne left the dining room all night (near the alcohol...hmmm).
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Michelle and Kelly.
Brian, Peggy and Bill - all getting low on Sangria.
The dangerous duo - Kurt and Steve.
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Winston, Dr. Ed and me.
Can you figure out which bowl has more alcohol content?
Magnetic poetry + drunk people = lots of good reading material.
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This is when the party started to take a turn for the worse.
With Dr. Ed came the margaritas and then shots of tequila.
Kurt, Scott, Dr. Ed and Steve (who's not feeling too well after that last shot of tequila).