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The Catalina Triathalon has become an annual tradition for these guys. Steve, Kurt and Matt look great in neoprene.
Who knew...zipping up a wet suit also serves as a great stretching exercise.
Nothing gets you going like jumping into freezing cold water early in the morning!
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Steve's dad, Mike, is a first-timer triathlete.
Mike is all charged up, ready to go. note: this is before he knew what a 1/2 mile swim in the open water will do to your body.
You've got to give huge props to the pink hats = the 50+ age group!
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The hardest part of the race was the bike, which consisted of going up a mountain 3 times. Go Stevo!
Going on his 2nd lap, Mike is still smiling. I think he may actually be enjoying this!
Steve refuels at the transition area before the run.
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Stevo reaches the finish line.
Race is over, time to head over to the Marlin Club for some drinks!
Mike successfully finishes his first triathalon!