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Fritz loves his new toy he got for Christmas.
Grandpa brought a bunch of old pictures with him, which made for some good laughs...especially the school pictures of us kids.
Ehren and Grandpa.
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Noah helps Grandpa hand out all the presents.
Noah also helps everyone open their gifts! He's very resourceful.
I don't know what Noah's going to do once Christmas is over and there are no more presents to open!
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Steve opens his present from Grandpa.
Grandpa was the accordion player in his band the "Happy Aces." Dad and Aunt Di got him a replica of his very first accordion.
He still knows how to get the party started!
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Grandpa taught us how he used to make ice cream as a kid. First you have to break up the ice...
Then you have to crank...and crank... and crank...
Grandpa explains the proper cranking technique to Steve.
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Ehren gets the prize for most cranking.
The cranking is finally over. It was yummy but god bless Ben & Jerry! That's hard work!
This is a good indication of what my vacation consisted of - lots of pie!