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We took a Historic Loft Tour in downtown L.A. This is the old Pacific Electric building that will be renovated into lofts. Um, high ceilings?
One of the Santa Fe Building lofts. This was a very cool space with the exposed brick and old original windows.
Architectural detail of the outside of the building.
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The view from the fire escape of the Santa Fe lofts. Not too shabby.
This is a loft in the Higgins Building. These lofts were more "finished" in that they didn't have any exposed ceiling, etc. but were still cool.
The old Orpheum Theater building will also be renovated into lofts.
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This is commercial space that will be available in the historic San Fernando Building in the Old Bank District.
An old sign we found in the Irvine-Byrne building. This building was still in it's raw form since they haven't started renovation yet.
A corridor in the Higgins Building, including the original tiled floors and steel-plated doors.