Hot Off The Press! Congrats goes out to my brother and his business partners for being acquired by the public company Tumbleweed. All their hard work really did pay off - $41.5 million to be exact!!! Read more details in the Press Release.
Wake Up Call. Steve and I decided to look at property in LA. Now here's a nice place we found...I really like the bars on the windows, not to mention the landscaping and chain link fence! This cozy 830 sq. ft. house goes for $599,000. sickening.
Looking Back. Grandpa made this Christmas special by taking us back to the old days: having to make your own ice cream, showing us his accordion playing skills (he was in a band!) and he even made cookies that his mom used to make.
Loving: my new beads from the Bead Shop
Wanting: a Nikon Coolpix 5200 & wireless TiVo
Missing: city life
Hoping: I can get motivated to work
Wishing: I could buy an unlimited number of gadgets
Dreaming: about corvettes & Jessica Simpson (?)
Eating: creamy peanut butter
Watching: Nip/Tuck
Listening: to Michael Jackson (i know...)
Fabio standing across the street from my apartment - now there's something you don't see every day!
San Francisco: my first 2 years on the West Coast
Causseaux arc: architecture portfolio of Stevo
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